Greater Brisbane COVID-19 lock down

Greater Brisbane will enter a 3-day lockdown from 5pm AEST Monday 29 March to 5pm AEST Thursday 1 April.

For more information, please visit

If you can answer yes to one of the three questions below, or your booking address is outside the Greater Brisbane area, you can continue with your booking

  1. Are you an essential service or critical service employee? (Essential service employees list can be found here.)
  2. Is the service you require a breakdown or emergency repair?
  3. Is this something that is a matter of safety and you believe it cannot wait until restrictions ease?

If you feel there are extenuating circumstances with your booking or need further assistance please call 13 30 32 for help as to whether we can be of service to you.

Lube Mobile Hygiene Practices When Servicing Customers Vehicles

There is evidence that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads from person to person, some reports suggest the virus can last for several days on surfaces including plastics found in vehicles.

Good hygiene can prevent infection from coronavirus as well as the common cold and flu.

With this in mind we wish to share with you what practices Lube Mobile have put in place to ensure the safety of our Customers and of our staff.

Prior to working inside a vehicle, the Lube Mobile technician will use the following procedure;

  1. The technician will check with you whether you have been overseas and ordered to comply with a self-isolation order.

  2. Disinfect car. 

  3. Disinfect hands. 

  4. Where possible avoid switching on HAVAC system (air conditioning / heater control). 

Disinfect Car

  1. Disinfect outside door handle prior to entering the vehicle. 

  2. Spray or wipe all relevant areas inside the vehicle. 

  3. Allow disinfectant to sit for up to 10mins to dry by airing out the vehicle. 

  4. Conduct works inside the vehicle.

  5. When the work is finished we will give the vehicle a final spray or wipe prior to returning the vehicle to you (including outside door handle). 

Parts of the Vehicle to be Disinfected

  1. Door handle (outside first then inside). 

  2. Steering wheel. 

  3. Radio and other control buttons and indicators. 

  4. Seat belt. 

  5. Any other areas we may need to touch when working inside the vehicle (i.e. glove box handles, drink holders, dashboard, hand brake and gears etc.) 

Disinfect Hands

  1. We will use hand sanitiser or washing of hands prior to entering the vehicle. 

  2. After completing the work we will Sanitise our hands thoroughly and close the door to the vehicle. 

Payment and Invoicing

  1. No Cash payments. Our strong preference is payment by card via the tap and go facility. 

  2. Printing of invoices and quotes will cease and we will instead email them to you. 

Should you have any queries regarding our Coronavirus (Covid-19) procedures, or any other matter please do not hesitate in contacting us on 13 30 32.

Engine Management System Service

car make

Lube Mobile, the Mobile Mechanics can diagnose and perform repairs on your car's engine management system. 

Whether you car is not starting, has an intermittent problem or a warning engine light has come on, we can help. Our technicians can check your entire engine management system using a special scan tool loaded with information on the latest models to read fault codes and live data. These are carried in majority of our vans. Please mention you have this type of problem at the time of booking to ensure we send a suitable van and mechanic.

An engine management system service is a full inspection and diagnostic service undertaken to determine why your engine management system has flagged a problem with your vehicle’s engine. Lube Mobile is the fleet of mobile mechanics servicing all of Australia, wherever our customers happen to be. As fully qualified mechanics, your specialist technician from Lube Mobile arrives to your location equipped with everything they need to undertake an engine management system service or an engine management system repair. This include specialist diagnostic tools which talk to your vehicle’s onboard computer directly to ascertain what, if any, fault has occurred and to determine the best and most affordable way of rectifying it.

You can book online today for a Lube Mobile mechanic to attend your location in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide as well as the rest of the major towns and centres across the country. There’s no need to search for a local mechanical service near me because Lube Mobile are everywhere and prepared to travel direct to your door at your home, your workplace or even while you’re on holiday or out on a road trip. We have everything we need for car repairs as well as your regular car service on board and ready to go. Book your next logbook service online today.

What is engine management system?

The engine management control system in your vehicle is an advanced internal computer also known as an Engine Control Unit (ECU). It works by interpreting electrical signals generated by the various onboard sensors in your vehicle will monitor things like the fuel to air ratio and mixture delivered to your engine while it’s running, air temperature, amounts of fuel and fuel injection in your vehicle, coolant temperature, air flow meter, variable valve timing, injection timing and throttle control, among many more.

At its most basic, the engine management system will use its variety of sensors to determine what kind of operating temperature is optimal and how to control the car appropriately depending on the operating conditions in real time. For example, colder engines will require more fuel to run than warm engines. The coolant temperature sensor and injectors will be monitored by the engine management system to ensure that the precise level of fuel the engine needs is delivered. The air temperature sensor will also be involved with this calculation, informing the ECU of the ambient temperature so it can respond accordingly and ensure that your vehicle is performing optimally.

The most common reason a vehicle owner will seek the services of a specialist mechanic for an engine management system service or engine management system repair will be if the engine management system warning light is on and reading a fault in the engine. This may indeed indicate that there is a problem with the engine or any part of the engine that the ECU is electronically controlling, or it could be an indication that the engine management system is faulty.

When you book your engine management service online with Lube Mobile, your mechanic will arrive at your location with specialist equipment and a special scan tool that can read fault codes delivered by your vehicle’s computer. The fault codes will be listed in the manufacturer’s specifications to help the mechanic determine what fault or repair has been detected by the engine management system and how best to proceed with rectifying it. This may be readings received by the throttle position sensor, the crank angle sensor, coil pack or ignition module. It may also relate to information gathered by the oxygen sensor or the cam angle sensor. Any of these sensors could indicate a range of problems with your vehicle from steering and suspension issues through to battery problems or a starter motor issue. It may also indicate a cooling system repair is required or that your brakes need to be inspected and/or repaired.

Whatever information is received by the mechanic, relating to any part of your vehicle from the timing belt and wheel bearings to the alternator or the clutch, we can determine the source of the issue as presented by the engine management system. Once the problem has been identified then it’s a simple matter of preparing a quote detailing what service work needs to be completed and then starting work. Your mobile mechanic will have everything they need to manage a CV shaft repair, fix gearbox and diff issues, or any other issues required to fix your engine and replace faulty or broken parts.

All of our work comes with our standard 12 month/20 000km warranty and for more information about what is covered by our warranty and how it works, please get in touch with our customer service team.

Booking your engine management system service or engine management system repair is quick and simple. Jump online to book a mechanic near you and let us know some basic information about what you need taken care of. We’ll ask for things like the vehicle make and model, the issue that you’re currently experiencing (such as a warning light from your ECU), and the best time that works for you. Once you’re happy with the booking then we’ll be out straight away to get you back on the road and get your car performing at its best again.

Components we can repair or replace:

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