Victoria COVID-19 lock down

Victoria will enter a 7-day lockdown from 11:59pm AEST Thursday 27 May to 11:59pm AEST Thursday 3 June.

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If you can answer yes to one of the three questions below, you can continue with your booking

  1. Are you an essential service or critical service employee? (Essential service employees list can be found here.)
  2. Is the service you require a breakdown or emergency repair?
  3. Is this something that is a matter of safety and you believe it cannot wait until restrictions ease?

If you feel there are extenuating circumstances with your booking or need further assistance please call 13 30 32 for help as to whether we can be of service to you.

Lube Mobile Hygiene Practices When Servicing Customers Vehicles

There is evidence that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads from person to person, some reports suggest the virus can last for several days on surfaces including plastics found in vehicles.

Good hygiene can prevent infection from coronavirus as well as the common cold and flu.

With this in mind we wish to share with you what practices Lube Mobile have put in place to ensure the safety of our Customers and of our staff.

Prior to working inside a vehicle, the Lube Mobile technician will use the following procedure;

  1. The technician will check with you whether you have been overseas and ordered to comply with a self-isolation order.

  2. Disinfect car. 

  3. Disinfect hands. 

  4. Where possible avoid switching on HAVAC system (air conditioning / heater control). 

Disinfect Car

  1. Disinfect outside door handle prior to entering the vehicle. 

  2. Spray or wipe all relevant areas inside the vehicle. 

  3. Allow disinfectant to sit for up to 10mins to dry by airing out the vehicle. 

  4. Conduct works inside the vehicle.

  5. When the work is finished we will give the vehicle a final spray or wipe prior to returning the vehicle to you (including outside door handle). 

Parts of the Vehicle to be Disinfected

  1. Door handle (outside first then inside). 

  2. Steering wheel. 

  3. Radio and other control buttons and indicators. 

  4. Seat belt. 

  5. Any other areas we may need to touch when working inside the vehicle (i.e. glove box handles, drink holders, dashboard, hand brake and gears etc.) 

Disinfect Hands

  1. We will use hand sanitiser or washing of hands prior to entering the vehicle. 

  2. After completing the work we will Sanitise our hands thoroughly and close the door to the vehicle. 

Payment and Invoicing

  1. No Cash payments. Our strong preference is payment by card via the tap and go facility. 

  2. Printing of invoices and quotes will cease and we will instead email them to you. 

Should you have any queries regarding our Coronavirus (Covid-19) procedures, or any other matter please do not hesitate in contacting us on 13 30 32.

Diff Repair

car repairs

Lube Mobile, the Mobile Mechanic can arrange overhaul or replace your Diff.

Lube Mobile is the mobile mechanic service which brings the skills and spare parts your vehicle needs to you. Save time and convenience by arranging your diff repair or diff service at your own location rather than bringing in your vehicle to a local workshop. Our fully qualified mechanics operate right across Australia and come with everything they need to carry out your next car service. We specialise in a range of vehicle makes and models and our mechanics are qualified to carry out your next logbook service. Book our services for your home, office or even your holiday location in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Adelaide.

What is a diff repair?

Your vehicle’s diff – or differential – is a set of steel gears which send the power from your vehicle’s engine and transmission to your wheels. What kind of car repair or diff service that you require will depend on the type of car that you drive. Your diff will work slightly differently depending on whether your vehicle is a front wheel drive, rear wheel drive or a 4WD.

The differential is essentially responsible for both changing the direction of the torque – the turning force - transmitted to the drive wheels and it allows the drive wheels to turn at different speeds. The torque that your engine is producing goes to your transaxle (for front wheel drive cars) and the differential is responsible for directing that force in the best way possible for your driving.

So, how do you know if your vehicle needs a diff repair or a diff replacement?

Your car’s differential is an incredibly hard working piece of equipment and they are specially designed to take a lot of punishment over the life cycle of your car. Generally speaking, this part will be one of the most reliable engine components on your car but that doesn’t mean that it won’t need a diff service or a diff repair at some point. Common issues that may indicate your vehicle requires a specialist mechanic to take a look at your diff include:

  • Noisy engine – keep an ear out for a whine or howling noise coming from underneath the car. If the pitch or the volume of the noise increases the faster that you drive, you may well have a problem with the diff.
  • Strange smells – usually smells from your vehicle will be related to low fluid levels like gear oil in the differential case or deteriorating fluid. A burning smell or sharp odour coming from under your vehicle may indicate the need for diff reconditioning.
  • Trouble controlling the vehicle – when the differential really needs seeing to, you may notice very loud grinding noises or even changes in the car’s responsible when turning. It may feel jerky, signalling power issues to your axle or badly disintegrating wheel bearings. If you are experiencing trouble steering your vehicle while driving, then it’s definitely time for a mechanic to take a look.
  • Failure to move – if you can’t actually move your vehicle at all this may indicate that there is a problem with the gearbox or the axles. If the differential is actually broken and requires a rebuild, you won’t be able to shift your vehicle anywhere under its own steam. Fortunately, Lube Mobile mechanics have everything they need to ensure that you can book a mobile diff repair specialist to attend your location and carry out the work required on your drive shaft, gears and differential immediately. No need to arrange a tow truck to get to you to your local service centre or search for a mechanic near you. Lube Mobile travel anywhere.

How much does a diff rebuild cost?

Generally, early warning signs of a worn out diff or the need for a diff service will be hard to ignore if it’s been a slow decline in your vehicle’s performance. The noises, smells and the feel of the car will usually alert a vehicle owner to the need for a visit to your local shop. In this case, diff builders can use differential spares to carry out a successful diff repair and get your car back on the road sooner rather than later. Replacing bearings and seals – carrying out a diff repair – will usually cost you between $400.00 and $650.00. If the problem is the transaxle then you’re looking at twice that cost.

If you have ignored the early warning signs or the differential has actually blown up entirely and you’re not mobile at all, then you’re likely looking a full diff replacement cost. A complete overhaul, including to replace your diff, is likely set you back between $1,500.00 and $2,800.00 inclusive of both parts and labour.

First things, first. If your vehicle is displaying any signs that it’s in need of a diff repair or a diff service, then book online now for a local Lube Mobile mechanic to attend. Our fully qualified vehicle specialists will undertake a detailed analysis of what’s wrong with your vehicle, quote you the repairs necessary to get you back to working at optimal performance and then carry out the works you need on site, wherever you are.

We’re the mechanics that come to you, working to ensure that your vehicle repairs and servicing is quick, painless, convenient and affordable. Book online today.

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