Victoria COVID-19 lock down

Victoria will enter a 7-day lockdown from 11:59pm AEST Thursday 27 May to 11:59pm AEST Thursday 3 June.

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If you can answer yes to one of the three questions below, you can continue with your booking

  1. Are you an essential service or critical service employee? (Essential service employees list can be found here.)
  2. Is the service you require a breakdown or emergency repair?
  3. Is this something that is a matter of safety and you believe it cannot wait until restrictions ease?

If you feel there are extenuating circumstances with your booking or need further assistance please call 13 30 32 for help as to whether we can be of service to you.

Lube Mobile Hygiene Practices When Servicing Customers Vehicles

There is evidence that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads from person to person, some reports suggest the virus can last for several days on surfaces including plastics found in vehicles.

Good hygiene can prevent infection from coronavirus as well as the common cold and flu.

With this in mind we wish to share with you what practices Lube Mobile have put in place to ensure the safety of our Customers and of our staff.

Prior to working inside a vehicle, the Lube Mobile technician will use the following procedure;

  1. The technician will check with you whether you have been overseas and ordered to comply with a self-isolation order.

  2. Disinfect car. 

  3. Disinfect hands. 

  4. Where possible avoid switching on HAVAC system (air conditioning / heater control). 

Disinfect Car

  1. Disinfect outside door handle prior to entering the vehicle. 

  2. Spray or wipe all relevant areas inside the vehicle. 

  3. Allow disinfectant to sit for up to 10mins to dry by airing out the vehicle. 

  4. Conduct works inside the vehicle.

  5. When the work is finished we will give the vehicle a final spray or wipe prior to returning the vehicle to you (including outside door handle). 

Parts of the Vehicle to be Disinfected

  1. Door handle (outside first then inside). 

  2. Steering wheel. 

  3. Radio and other control buttons and indicators. 

  4. Seat belt. 

  5. Any other areas we may need to touch when working inside the vehicle (i.e. glove box handles, drink holders, dashboard, hand brake and gears etc.) 

Disinfect Hands

  1. We will use hand sanitiser or washing of hands prior to entering the vehicle. 

  2. After completing the work we will Sanitise our hands thoroughly and close the door to the vehicle. 

Payment and Invoicing

  1. No Cash payments. Our strong preference is payment by card via the tap and go facility. 

  2. Printing of invoices and quotes will cease and we will instead email them to you. 

Should you have any queries regarding our Coronavirus (Covid-19) procedures, or any other matter please do not hesitate in contacting us on 13 30 32.

Starter Motor Replacement

Starter Motor Replacement

Test Starter Motor

Replace Starter Motor if needed

Check Ring Gear/Flex Plate

Check Alternator and Charging System

Check and Adjust Drive Belt and Pulleys

Test Battery

Lube Mobile are the mobile mechanic service ready and able to carry out a starter motor replacement at your location, anywhere in Australia. Our fully qualified mechanics are made for working on the road which means that we can bring whatever you need to get your car in tip-top shape, directly to your location. That includes a full starter motor replacement or whatever you need for a starter motor or general car repair. Our technicians arrive on site complete with what they need to accurately diagnose your engine issues and quote you the mechanical car services you need. Once we know what the problem is, it’s just a matter of fixing it. We can bring the parts and consumables we need to get the job done.

Whether you’re at your home, your workplace or even while you’re on the road, Lube Mobile have the skills and expertise to get you back on the road. We attend your vehicle location in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane. Don’t both searching for a mechanic near me. Book online with Lube Mobile – the mechanical service provider that is always close by. We specialise in all of the popular brands and models of cars, as well as a range of specialist skills and spares. Our technicians can carry out both repairs and your regular servicing needs, including logbook services. Get in touch with our customer service professionals to learn more about warranty repairs.

How much is it to replace starter motor?

The starter motor for an internal combustion engine is an electric motor responsible for kicking your vehicle’s engine into motion. It’s the part of the car that you hear first when you turn the key in the ignition and if it’s not working properly then your car may not be able to start at all. The stater motor is connected to the flywheel, or flex plate, and is responsible for turning it. When you turn the key in the ignition to start your vehicle, the starter solenoid that is mounted to the starter triggers the starter’s operation. There is a little gear that engages the flex plate, which in turn forces the engine to rotate. That’s the end of the starter motor’s part of your vehicle operation. Once the engine is fully powered and turning then the starter motor is disengaged.

Within the starter motor are a range of components which can lead to starter motor failure. Like most other types of electric motors, your starter motor will use magnets to create a field of spin as well as brushes to keep the starter rotating in a single direction. Generally, if think you have a faulty starter then the problem will likely be an internal failure or damage at the brushes or within the solenoid. It could possibly be an armature that’s bent or caught as well. You may need a starter removal and new motor to replace it, or your Lube Mobile mechanic may be able to replace a faulty part instead. Your attending technician will have everything they need to conduct a thorough test and diagnosis.

The average cost to remove the starter and replace the starter motor is between $400.00 and $700.00 but this will depend on the model and make of your vehicle. Luxury brands can sometimes be more expensive owing to the rarity or speciality of the replacement parts required to complete the repair or service that you need.

You may also require additional components including the battery, battery cables, mounting bolts and spark plugs to be replaced during a starter motor service also. All of our mechanics have access to quality parts and spares for a wide range of makes and models, ensuring that any parts of consumables used in the starter motor replacement or service we undertake for you are the highest possible quality. Contact our customer service team for more information about replacement and service warranties we provide.

If a starter motor replacement needs to be done for your vehicle then your mobile mechanic will first disconnect the battery in order to reduce the chance of accidental electric shock. They will then hoist your car up to ensure they have complete and unhindered access to what they need. The starter motor wiring is then disconnected, and the starter is then removed from its location where the engine and the transmission join. Once the new starter motor has been fitted, the mounting bolts are then tightened to the specific torque required. All wiring is refitted, and the car is returned to the ground. Once the battery has been reconnected, the ignition system will be tested to ensure that the new starter motor is working.

When do we replace a starter motor?

You may have an issue with your vehicle’s starter motor if you can hear a clicking sound when you turn the ignition and the engine doesn’t fire into life. If there is a spinning noise but the engine doesn’t turn over then it may be that the flywheel is failing to engage. If you can turn the engine over but it fails to continue running – or ‘kicks out’ – then this is another indicator that the starter motor needs looking at. Alternatively, if the starter motor grinds a bit but the engine continues to run, that’s not necessarily a sign that the starter is OK, only that it might be on its last legs.

A faulty starter motor will prevent you from being able to fire up your car, so if you are experiencing anything that we’ve just noted then it’s a good idea to arrange a mechanic to take a look sooner rather than later. You can book online today and arrange a mobile mechanic from Lube Mobile to attend to your location and undertake a thorough assessment of your vehicle. They will be able to test your starter motor and complete a starter motor replacement if necessary. They can check the ring gear for signs of deterioration as well as check and adjust drive belts and pulleys. They can also test the strength of your battery.

If they determine that a starter motor replacement must be carried out, then you will receive a detailed quote outlining exactly what kind of work is recommended and the cost of the replacement or repair required.

How long does it take to replace a starter motor?

Depending on the type of vehicle, typically a starter motor replacement will take a mechanic between 2 and 4 hours to complete from start to finish. Generally, the length of time is determined by how easily your starter motor can be accessed by the mechanic, with some makes and models in smaller cars posing slightly more of a challenge. All of our Lube Mobile mechanics are fully licenced and highly experienced technicians who are familiar with a wide range of vehicle types.

Our mechanics are available right across Australia and ready to attend to your vehicle, wherever you are. Whether you’re looking for a starter motor replacement or a starter motor repair service, book online today and enjoy a fully mobile mechanical service available for delivery to your door.

Starter Motor Replace Reviews

I would like to thank LubeMobile for saving us. The starter motor on my wife's car failed in a major shopping centre carpark. We are not in RACV so it would have cost a fortune to have the car towed for repair. Our regular mechanic ic couldn't work on it in the carpark for OHS reasons. So I searched online for a starter motor solution and found LubeMobile. I booked online and got a fixed price to change it over along with a di discount for booking immediately. The next morning the lubemobile mechanic arrived changed it over and got us underway in just a couple of hours at a great price. So thanks for saving our day... . you don't need roadside assistance you just need LubeMobile!

Mark, Mitsubishi Outlander Starter Motor Repair

Very impressed. Organised competitive quote great timely service. I called LubeMobile on New Years Day with starter motor failure. Very prompt service at a difficult time of year. Saved me from having to pay for my car to be tow owed to the nearest autoelectrician. Thanks Guys... Much appreciated. Minimum cost minimum time without a car!Ros, Starter Motor, Honda CRV

The service from email to job completion was fast efficient and very professional. I was very happy and have since recommended Lube Mobile to several friends. Thanks.

Marcel, Mitsubishi Magna, Starter Motor Replacement

Brilliant, honest service, at a reasonable price! I would recommend the mechanic Joel to anyone!
Ian, Mazda Bravo, Starter Motor Replacement

The mechanic Peter was very professional and arrived on time and had the starter motor fitted and working in surprisingly quick time I will definitely recommend Lube Mobile to others and will be using your services in the future. John, Mitusbishi Starter Motor, Brisbane

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