Victoria COVID-19 lock down

Victoria will enter a 7-day lockdown from 11:59pm AEST Thursday 27 May to 11:59pm AEST Thursday 3 June.

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If you can answer yes to one of the three questions below, you can continue with your booking

  1. Are you an essential service or critical service employee? (Essential service employees list can be found here.)
  2. Is the service you require a breakdown or emergency repair?
  3. Is this something that is a matter of safety and you believe it cannot wait until restrictions ease?

If you feel there are extenuating circumstances with your booking or need further assistance please call 13 30 32 for help as to whether we can be of service to you.

Lube Mobile Hygiene Practices When Servicing Customers Vehicles

There is evidence that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads from person to person, some reports suggest the virus can last for several days on surfaces including plastics found in vehicles.

Good hygiene can prevent infection from coronavirus as well as the common cold and flu.

With this in mind we wish to share with you what practices Lube Mobile have put in place to ensure the safety of our Customers and of our staff.

Prior to working inside a vehicle, the Lube Mobile technician will use the following procedure;

  1. The technician will check with you whether you have been overseas and ordered to comply with a self-isolation order.

  2. Disinfect car. 

  3. Disinfect hands. 

  4. Where possible avoid switching on HAVAC system (air conditioning / heater control). 

Disinfect Car

  1. Disinfect outside door handle prior to entering the vehicle. 

  2. Spray or wipe all relevant areas inside the vehicle. 

  3. Allow disinfectant to sit for up to 10mins to dry by airing out the vehicle. 

  4. Conduct works inside the vehicle.

  5. When the work is finished we will give the vehicle a final spray or wipe prior to returning the vehicle to you (including outside door handle). 

Parts of the Vehicle to be Disinfected

  1. Door handle (outside first then inside). 

  2. Steering wheel. 

  3. Radio and other control buttons and indicators. 

  4. Seat belt. 

  5. Any other areas we may need to touch when working inside the vehicle (i.e. glove box handles, drink holders, dashboard, hand brake and gears etc.) 

Disinfect Hands

  1. We will use hand sanitiser or washing of hands prior to entering the vehicle. 

  2. After completing the work we will Sanitise our hands thoroughly and close the door to the vehicle. 

Payment and Invoicing

  1. No Cash payments. Our strong preference is payment by card via the tap and go facility. 

  2. Printing of invoices and quotes will cease and we will instead email them to you. 

Should you have any queries regarding our Coronavirus (Covid-19) procedures, or any other matter please do not hesitate in contacting us on 13 30 32.

Shock Absorber

car repairs

A shock absorber is an essential part of a vehicle’s suspension system. It is designed to absorb the shocks generated by uneven road surfaces while driving. A shock absorber works along with coil springs and suspension springs to provide a comfortable drive and ensures that the wheel and tyre keep contact with the road at all times.

Shock absorbers reduce the impact on your car by converting kinetic energy to heat. They stabilise the overall vehicle ride, preventing an excess of rolling and leaning onto one particular side when navigating sharp turns. They also prevent the vehicle’s tyre from hopping or bouncing in uneven terrain.

But, like most auto parts, a shock absorber wears out over time, and you need to have it replaced to ensure the safety of your car.

Our mobile mechanics provide car repairs and car services in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and around Australia for Honda and Toyota vehicles, as well as a large selection of other makes and models.

Our vans are equipped with a full range of tools and branded parts needed to perform almost any repair or replacement. Booking our on-site service will not just save you time but also prevent unnecessary travel to and from the workshop. With our mechanics working at your location, you can see what work is being done on your car.

How much to replace shock absorbers?

Are you noticing any of the following?

  • The car is bouncy when you drive

  • Your tyres are wearing unevenly

  • There is a rough impact when you drive over bumps

If so, it’s a sign that you need to replace the shock absorbers on your 4WD or car.

The repair price depends on the type that has to be replaced — if you want air suspension or the traditional suspension springs. It also depends on if there are other components which must first be removed to allow access to do so. Generally, the cost can be between $250 to $700+.

How to change shock absorbers?

It is strongly recommended to replace any rear or front shock absorber as a pair. This is to provide an improved ride by ensuring that the car or 4WD will continue to drive predictably and in a stable way.

To change the suspension struts, it’s necessary to inspect the plates, bushes, and the bearing, and if they are worn, they will also need a replacement.

There are several steps to change shock absorbers, which includes:

  • Performing a thorough inspection to determine what parts need a replacement.
  • Removing the wheels and take off the old absorbers.
  • Fitting the new absorbers.
  • Inspecting the rear suspension, power suspension, and suspension springs for any worn or damaged parts.
  • Refitting the wheels, and test if the 4WD or car is operating correctly

Lube Mobile offers fully qualified mechanics with heavy duty high-quality parts and brands. Every replacement includes a 12 months/20,000 km warranty.

What causes shock absorbers to leak?

A shock absorber is usually filled with either a gas or liquid. There is also an adjustable shock length, which has soft, normal and firm positions.

The main reason behind a leaking shock absorber is the upper seals becoming worn or damaged. This then causes hydraulic fluid to leak from the top.

There are two causes for this:

  • Dirt getting inside of the shock
    This commonly happens when the strut boot is not sealed properly or it is torn.

  • Damaged strut shaft
    Any damage to the polished shaft will cause rapid wear of the upper seals. A common cause is by using pliers during the installation, which can cause damage to the shaft.

If a shock absorber is leaking, then you need to get it repaired immediately. Otherwise, it can be very dangerous. Any bump can lead to the car losing balance, and going out of control. This is even worse when you drive over speed bumps, potholes, or railroad trails. Leaking or worn out shocks, besides making your ride uncomfortable, can also increase stopping distances in slippery or wet conditions, and can lead to a serious car accident.

Whether your coil & leaf springs have broken or you need more spring rate, we can help to fix all kinds of suspension problems.

If you hear a knocking noise while your car rolls over a bump, it is likely that your vehicle needs a ball joint replacement. You should also keep the sway bar in your car in good shape as it keeps your vehicle from leaning/rolling over in corners. Did you know that a MacPherson strut failure may result in the tyre pivoting at an angle and cause the driver to lose control? Or replacing a worn-out control arm aids in a smoother drive because your vehicle will no longer vibrate. If all of these seem too much to keep in mind or take care of, contact our mobile mechanics and we will try to diagnose issues even before they arise.

At Lube Mobile, the mechanic will show you an itemised quote of the work required and associated costs before commencing work on your vehicle. This will enable you to take control of the cost and help you decide if repairing a part or replacing it altogether will prove a cost-effective move in the long run.

So, call us if your vehicle’s shock absorbers need a check and our trained mechanics will be right there to help.

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